Blackbeard's Customs TRIDENT Skeletonized Trigger

Beretta 90 Series Skeletonized Flat Faced Trigger
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Ahoy buckos an' scallywags! All 'ands on deck, fer Cap'n Blackbeard 'as exclusive loot to share! This here be no ordinary nautical tools o' trade, but one that thar be farrr more valuable than any booty to be found or plundered in the seven seas!

Alas, introducing the all-new Blackbeard’s Customs Trident Trigger! Made in an authentic pirate style using raw, solid brass, it not only has an exclusive appearance, but a unique trigger shoe design. This Trigger is essentially a skeletonized flat face trigger, but no ordinary one at that. It has an aggressive, dual flat face design, made to keep your finger seated and centered on the trigger during the whole length of pull. Not only does the double action pull have a smooth, consistent draw, but the single action and reset are also very short and crisp. The front face of the trigger has a unique textured surface, which gives you a comfortable grip, and an appealing aesthetic with the grip pattern and Blackbeard’s Customs logo. The Blackbeard’s Customs Trident Trigger will enhance not only the appearance of your Beretta, but also its functionality.


This trigger is currently available in these material (color) options:
  • ‣ BRASS - Solid Cast Brass
  • ‣ SILVER - Solid Cast Silver (.925 Silver)
  • ‣ ONYX - Solid Cast Brass with Black Rhodium Plating

    This trigger is cast out of raw brass for the Brass and Onyx variants, and raw silver for the Silver variant. With time and exposure to the elements, as well as human handling and use, the brass and silver will patina, darken, and weather. Expect it!

    **May require minimal modification for fitment with your firearm or other aftermarket parts.**


    This trigger should fit all Beretta 90 Series Pistols, including but not limited to:
  • ‣ Beretta 90-TWO
  • ‣ Beretta 92/96/98 & M9/Commercial
    (F, FS, S, SB, G, D, DS, L, M, Brigadier, Elite, Elite II, M9A1, etc.) [Full Size, Centurion, Compact]
  • ‣ Beretta 92A1/96A1
  • ‣ Beretta 92X [Full Size, Centurion, Compact]
  • ‣ Beretta 92X Performance (All Variants)
  • ‣ Wilson Combat / Langdon Tactical Model 92 Pistols
  • ‣ Beretta M9A3
  • ‣ Beretta M9A4 (Full Size, Centurion, Compact)
  • Beretta 90 Series Pistols Fitment is not tested/guaranteed on (with specific examples):
  • ‣ Beretta 90 Series Single Action Only Pistols
  • ‣ Beretta 90 Series Adjustable Trigger Pistols
  • ‣ Beretta 92 Centennial
  • ‣ Beretta 92 Billennium
  • ‣ Beretta 92 FS Fusion / Fusion BLU
  • ‣ Beretta 92 Steel-1
  • ‣ Beretta 92 Stock
  • ‣ Beretta 92 Combat Models w/ Frame Safety + SAO
  • ‣ Beretta 92 SUPER COMBAT
  • Title Blackbeard's Customs TRIDENT Skeletonized Trigger
    Height 1.00
    Length 6.00
    Width 4.00
    Model Trigger
    State Restrictions --
    Signature Required No