Background Check (DROS):


Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC):


Private Party Transfer (PPT):

$10.00 per firearm plus $37.19 for DROS

Dealer Transfers for Guns (FFL):

$100.00 per firearm plus $37.19 for DROS

Restocking Fees :

There will be a 30% restocking fee for the following:

  • Cancellations on registered firearms (approved, denied, undetermined)
  • Cancellations of special order items
  • Return of firearm ordered online

CA Compliance :

  • All handguns coming from out of state must be on the CA handgun roster
  • CA sales tax will be collected on invoice amount.
  • Rifles must arrive as CA compliant (featureless, fixed mag, break action, etc). We CAN NOT modify rifles that are delivered as assault weapons.
  • Magazines shipped with the firearms must not exceed 10 rounds. If above 10 rounds, we will have no choice but to remove them from the shipment.