Agency Exemptions

There are exemptions to CA firearm laws for active law enforcement officers. See below for the breakdown:

  • Active law enforcement officers with proper credentials on file MAY purchase off-roster handguns. This exemption includes City, County, State, and Federal LEO's residing or working in California who have successfully completed POST. Please click on the following link for a full list of agencies that are exempt:
  • Active law enforcement officers with proper credentials can purchase non CA compliant AR15's (also classified as assault weapons in CA) and so-called “assault pistols” as long as the firearm is being used for duty use only. A department letterhead is required and must ship to a dealer with an “assault weapon” license.
  • Active law enforcement officers, judges, and DA's are able to have ammunition shipped directly to them with proper credentials on file.
  • Standard capacity magazines (also classified as high capacity magazines in CA) can also be purchased with proper credentials on file. However, they must be shipped to an FFL with with a CA Large Capacity Magazine Permit.
  • Active law enforcement officers with proper credentials can purchase stun guns, tasers, defense spray, and batons.

Agency Pricing

We offer discounted pricing to full agencies, entire departments, specialized units, and individual sworn-in personnel. We also extend similar offers of discounted pricing for military (active or retired), fire, paramedic, and licensed security personnel.

Please contact us using our message form to inquire on the available discounts and promotions, as not all manufacturers offer the same first responder programs.

See below for the entire list:

  • Law Enforcement officers including City, County, State, Federal, Corrections, Parole, Probation (ID or badge required)
  • Retired LEO's (ID or badge required)
  • EMT’s (ID required)
  • Paramedics (ID required)
  • Fire Fighters (ID or badge required)
  • Military or Naval personnel (ID required)
  • Retired Military or Naval personnel (ID or DD-214 required)
  • State licensed security guards (ID required)
  • Court Judges (ID required)
  • District Attorneys (ID required)

Agency Trade-Ins

We assist agencies in buying old, new, unwanted, or outdated gear. If we're unable to assist with the trade-in, we will help you find another dealer who can.

As a federal firearms licensed dealer, we can also assist your agency with solutions for your confiscated and/or surrendered weapons.

References can be provided to Agencies as requested.

Please use the message form below to contact us:

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